At Dave Smith Motors we have an in-house automotive tint shop. Let your sales person or accessories specialist know that you want the windows of your new vehicle tinted and they will be tinted and ready when you come to pick up your new vehicle at Dave Smith. 

Why Tint?

It Looks Good
A car with tinted windows just looks better. It is a small thing that you can do to really enhance the appearance of your car. With Dave Smith Tint you can choose from a variety of different films. Conventional non-reflective films are quite common but we can also do metalized films, bronze films, charcoal films, gray films, you name it. We specialize in custom tint jobs.

It Keeps Your Car Cool
Professional window tinting films reject heat and solar energy. When you are on long drives or when your car is parked in the sun you will really notice a difference. By rejecting heat and solar energy your air-conditioner won't have to work as hard to keep your car cool.

It Protects Your Investment
Well maintained vehicles maintain their value better, and window tint will help. Solar heat and ultraviolet rays can cause damage to the upholstery  carpeting, and interior trip. Window tint will reject up to 98% of UV rays and slow down the vehicle's aging process to keep your car looking new longer.

It Reduces Glare for Easier Driving
The glare from the sun or bright headlights can cause driver fatigue. Window tint significantly reduces glare to help take the strain out of driving.

It Increases Your Safety
In the case of an accident the tempered glass in the side and rear windows of your automobile can shatter. Window tint film protects you by helping to hold the glass together in the case of an accident.

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