Are you needing to have a logo or design put on your vehicle? With the help and exceptional work from our friends at CW Wraps, your vehicle can stand out against all others with their top-quality wraps, and designs.

Their industry leading fleet wraps create vibrant and lasting impressions 24/7. Are you maximizing your fleets potential? Advertise your company using the most cost effective platform, while making each vehicle in your fleet a rolling billboard for your business that quickly grabs the attention of prospective customers.

Whether it is a simple logo or a full-coverage billboard-style fleet wrap, you are attracting the attention of the drivers, while driving and parked, pedestrians, and passing traffic. So what are you waiting for? Turn every vehicle in your fleet into high-impact advertising, that turns heads, increases brand recognition, and grows your business.


  • Cost Effective. Fleet wraps are significantly less than other advertising methods.

  • Responsive Advertising. Wraps can be changed without harm to vehicle's paint and can be quickly modified with a second layer at relatively low cost.

  • Refresh Your Fleet. The vinyl wrap used in your fleet wrap can cover up a less than perfect vehicle body.

  • Maximizing Your Assets. Wraps make use of assets already owned or leased for other purposes.

  • 24/7 Advertising. Fleet wraps provide "always on" advertising - unlike broadcast media, direct mail or yellow pages.

  • Perception Is Reality. Fleet wraps create the perception that your business is the market leader.

  • Get Noticed Quotient. Fleet wraps are a combination of uniqueness, view-time and impact.


The CW Wraps installation team will prep and install your fleet wrap to ensure that it fits correctly and looks great. Your wrap can be installed by CW Wraps before you even arrive at the dealership to pick up your vehicle.

If you're interested in having a wrap done on your vehicle contact our Accessories Department at

1-833-486-0513 and we will work with you and CW Wraps to make your vision a reality.


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