Hands On Community Involvement

The 2020 Dave Smith Food Drive went off without a hitch! With the help and hard work from our amazing employees, we were able to fill the bed of a RAM Truck and donate 1,140lbs of food to our local food bank. With four local food banks, we plan to organize two food drives every year and alternate the food bank that we are donating to.

In the month of October, we volunteered to help clean up a portion of Interstate 90 in the Silver Valley. With the help of 14 employee volunteers, we were able to collect 59 bags of garbage over the span of two days! We will continue to clean Miles 45 & 46 at least twice a year.

We have commited to helping non-profit organizations throughout the Silver Valley replace or repair the signage they use to advertise their cause. So far, we have been able to buy a new sign for the Wallace Chamber of Commerce and the Silver Valley Chamber of Commerce with many more to come!