Best Restaurants in the Silver Valley

At Dave Smith Motors, we make sure our customers stay well-fed when they visit the Silver Valley to shop with us. After all, no trip is complete without a few authentic dining experiences. The Silver Valley has been gaining more and more attraction from culinary fans for years. Whether you want to try something new and fancy or keep it traditional and rustic, this town is filled with yummy and fun spots to try out. 

Best Places to Eat with a Family in the Silver Valley

Sometimes, we travel in a pack, and when we do, knowing about the best family dining spots helps make the trip smoother and more fun. When visiting the Silver Valley with your group, you'll want to check out some of these family-friendly restaurants. 
• Sam's Diner
• Backcountry Cafe
• Casa De Oro
• Garren-Teed BBQ
• Wildcat Pizza 

Restaurants with Silver Valley History

 It would only make sense for a town rich in history to have some eateries with vintage vibes. Our team at Dave Smith Motors has put together a list of favorite traditional hot-spot recommendations that you won't want to miss when visiting.
• Mom's Vintage Eatery
• Snake Pit
• 1313 Club Bar & Grill 

Upscale Restaurants in the Silver Valley

We like to indulge in a memorable culinary experience. If you're looking for something a bit more upscale, you'll definitely want to check out the following fine dining locations that include gorgeous views of Lake Coeur d'Alene and unique tastes of the Northwest.
• Beverly's
• The Cedars Floating Restaurant
• The Fainting Goat 

Local Valley Favorites

Whether you're looking for a family dining venue or somewhere a bit fancier, be sure to carve out time for some of the local recommendations. These are our favorite go-to spots for delicious casual dining and comfort food. 
• Timbers Roadhouse 
• Cogs Gastropub
• Muchachos Tacos 

Desserts and Sweet Treats in the Silver Valley

At Dave Smith Motors, we know that we offer some pretty sweet deals on new and pre-owned vehicles. But, if your sweet tooth starts to kick in mid-travel, then you're in luck because the Silver Valley is all about desserts. Before returning home, you'll want to swing by and check these spots out.  
• The Bean
• Mo's Froyo & Joe
• Woops!
• Bakery by the Lake 

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