Benefits of an Oil Change for Your Truck

Benefits of an Oil Change for Your Truck

Learn What a Regular Oil Change Can Do!

Part of the joy of driving a truck is feeling the power of the engine, the ability to tow anything and everything, and the satisfaction of completing a tough job. All that hard work relies on a healthy and well-kept powertrain, and without the proper maintenance, you risk encountering big problems down the line. One of the simplest ways to keep your truck working in its best condition is through regular oil changes. This easy task will ensure that there's always fresh, clean fluid throughout your truck's inner workings, and that all its interior parts are running smoothly. To learn more about the benefits of an oil change, and tips on how to keep your truck in great shape, keep reading!

What Happens Under the Hood?

Before we dive into the benefits of getting a regular oil change, you may be wondering what happens to the existing oil in your truck's engine. The oil is used to lubricate all the interior mechanisms of the engine and quite literally help them run smoothly, without catching or building up friction. This means that the oil is in motion as it flows through the mechanism, and gets pushed around by pistons and other parts. Over time, this motion combined with heat and other factors causes the oil to break down, collect debris, and ultimately turn to sludge. Replacing the oil regularly helps reduce the amount of debris in your truck's engine!

Engine Efficiency

As mentioned above, old oil can cause a buildup of dirt and debris, which can get carried into your truck's engine. Over time, that buildup will begin to have an impact on your engine's power output and overall efficiency. This will have an effect on your truck's gas mileage, as well as its overall performance in terms of speed and smooth acceleration. Regularly changing your oil, and oil filter, will keep the debris out of the engine, and keep it functioning as efficiently as possible.

Engine Cooling

One of the most important functions of oil within your truck is keeping the mechanism running smoothly. The oil coats all the gears, joints, and pistons within your engine to keep them slick. This prevents friction inside the vehicle, which in turn reduces the heat that can accumulate within the engine. By neglecting to change the oil, it will continue to degrade and stop coating the pistons properly. This invites more friction and heat under the hood, which can cause wear on the engine. 

Longer Engine Lifetime

Having old oil and all the sludge, debris, and possible excess heat that comes with it can have a serious impact on the overall health of your truck's engine. Having all these factors introduced to the engine causes it to work overtime to compensate for the friction and other gunk. This means that the engine will be working harder than it needs to, which diminishes its performance in the short term, and can even affect its overall lifetime. Getting the oil changed regularly will help avoid wear on the engine, and keep it working better for longer. 

How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

The tricky part about getting a regular oil change is that there's no hard and fast rule about how often to do it. Many factors will affect your truck's needs, like how many miles you drive, the temperature and elevation of your environment, the make and model of your truck, and more. Luckily, a licensed mechanic can easily fill you in on all your truck's needs, like what type of oil to use, and how often to change it. Typically, mechanics will also give you a card or sticker at your oil change appointment with a reminder of when to come back! If you're ever unsure about when to get your oil changed, know that too early is always better than too late, and don't hesitate to ask your mechanic when in doubt!

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