Maintenance Schedule for your Ram Truck

Maintenance Schedule for your Ram Truck

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There is nothing on earth that can compete with the power of a Ram 1500, and with all of the technology and luxury that this vehicle has, it's a good idea to make sure that it's well maintained to make sure that it will be running for a long time. One essential thing you can do is get regular oil changes and tire rotations, but there is more to Ram maintenance than that, and it's imperative that you keep up with your Ram's maintenance schedule. The best way to do this is through a closely constructed schedule with specific mileage markers. Below you will find a comprehensive maintenance list, but keep in mind that certain factors go into your maintenance schedule, such as how often you drive your Ram and the changes in the weather.

6 months/8,000 Miles

It would help if you only had to have your Ram serviced at the 8,000 mile/six-month mark if you have done a lot of off-roading by this point. When you get to this interval, you should have your oil and oil filter changed, and you should make it a top priority. You should also have our experts at Dave Smith Motors do a visual inspection and rotate your tires to make sure they are wearing out evenly.

20,000 Miles/Twelve Months

At the 12-month or 20,000-mile mark, the entire core of your Ram 1500 will need to be serviced. During this service, you will get an oil change, a cabin air filter change, a thorough inspection of the ends of the rods, and a front inspection check. Additionally, you should get a brake lining inspection and have it replaced by our experts here at Dave Smith Motors if you need to. You should especially have your brakes checked if you hear a grinding or squealing noise. Keep in mind that your brakes are an essential part of your Ram, so if they are not functioning the way, they should get them checked!

30,000 Miles/Eighteen Months

Once you hit the 30,000-mile or 18-month mark, you should have our experts here at Dave Smith Motors check the CV/Universal joints and the transfer case fluid. The front and rear axle surfaces are also in need of an inspection to make sure they are in working order. In addition, have our experts check your tires to ensure there is enough tread, and you might want to get them replaced if needed. Finally, have your engine's air filter replaced if it's dirty.

Additional Service Intervals

The next Ram service interval will be the 100,000 mile or 72-month mark, and in addition to all of the inspections and replacements we listed above, you should also get new spark plugs and a new PCV valve. In addition, if you didn't change your engine's air filter at the 30,00-mile interval, now would be the time to do it. Next is the 120,000-mile or 90-month mark where you will have your tires rotated, lube the front driveshaft fitting, and have your CV joints inspected and replaced if you need to. In addition, you should have our experts check the front and rear axle fluid and change the automatic transmission fluid and filters. Next is the 150,000-mile mark or 144-months where you should have your engine coolant flushed and replaced and have your tires rotated if needed.

Have your Ram Inspected at Dave Smith Motors

Once again, these are guidelines, and your actual maintenance schedule will depend on the weather and how often you drive your Ram. When you need your Ram serviced, be sure to make an appointment with our excellent technicians here at Dave Smith Motors. We will go over every inch of your Ram to get it running in good condition, including everything from changing your oil to more serious repairs. You can make an appointment by heading down to Dave Smith Motors and doing so in person or by filling out an appointment form here on our website. We look forward to working on your Ram here at Dave Smith Motors!

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