Spring Car Maintenance Tips

Spring Car Maintenance Tips

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Spring is here, and warmer weather is on its way! Winter is rough on our car, from the mountains of snow to the sheets of ice. So, when spring arrives, it's always good it give your car a once over to make sure it made it through the winter. The certified technicians at Dave Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram made this list of items you should check on your vehicle every spring to help keep your car in tip-top shape.

How can I tell if I need to replace my wipers?

Winter's icy weather is rough on our car's wiper blades. The rubber blade can get ripped or brittle from those super cold temps. There are a couple of questions to ask yourself to see if you should replace them. First, do they smear or smudge the water across your windshield instead of wiping it away? Do they make a chattering sound or skip across your windshield instead of smoothly gliding over it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably need new wiper blades. Head down to Dave Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram service department, and one of our certified technicians would be happy to replace them for you.

Why is it so important to have my engine oil changed?

Oil changes are imperative to the life of your vehicle's engine. Think of your engine's oil as the bloodline to your car. Oil is your car's lubricate. It cleans out any dirt or metal shavings that may be in your engine. As oil ages, it becomes less effective at removing the impurities, so it is important to have routine oil changes. You can schedule your appointment online or call and speak with one of Dave Smith's friendly service advisors to have your oil changed.

What causes my car battery to die?

Those freezing winter temperatures are tough on our vehicle's battery. When the temps drop, the chemical reactions that are supposed to happen inside your car's battery slow down, requiring it to work harder. Then along comes spring and warmer temperatures that speed up the evaporation process of the vital fluids within the battery and causing corrosion to occur. With a higher corrosion rate comes the high probability that one of those hot days, your battery will be DOA. A certified technician can help you avoid this with a simple test. This test will let you know if your battery is on its way out, so you can replace it before it levels you stranded.

Does the temperature affect my tire pressure?

You should check your tire pressure at least once a month. Temperature fluctuations can cause tire pressures to change. Cold air contracts and hot air expands, this means for your tires that in the winter, you may be low on air pressure, but when the temps go up, that air will expand, causing you to have too much air pressure, which could cause you to have a blowout.  Tires will gain or lose 1 pound per square inch of pressure for every 10℉ of temperature change. Both under-inflated and over-inflated tires can cause problems on the road.

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The Certified technicians at Dave Smith Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram hope these tips help you. If you would like to make an appointment, call (800) 635-8000 and speak with one of our service advisers today.

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