Winter Driving Tips in Idaho

Winter Driving Tips in Idaho

Brought to you by Dave Smith Motors of Kellogg, ID

If you live where the snow flies you've undoubtedly seen overconfident drivers blow by you on a snowy road and wondered if they'd end up in a ditch. Whether they did or not, one thing's for sure - you don't want to!

And you don't have to! Here are a few simple winter-driving rules to keep in mind that will greatly improve your chances of arriving at your destination collected, comfortable, and-most importantly-safe. 

Know how your car handles in the snow

Every car has different handling characteristics in icy, snowy conditions. If your car is new, you should know what your car can and cannot do in the winter. First, you should know if you have front, rear, or four wheel drive, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. Then, you should know what kind of tires are on your car: regular, all-season, or winter. These details will significantly affect how your car handles in the snow.

It's not a bad idea to do a little driving in an empty parking lot on a snowy day just so you know what to expect from your car when you drive on snowy roads.

Do I need snow tires?

If you live in an area where it snows a fair amount, you should get four good snow tires. Nothing will make a bigger difference. If you have spent your life driving on all-season tires, you will be surprised how much difference real snow tires make.

If you absolutely can't afford four snow tires, two new snow tires will probably be better than whatever you have on your car now. Mount them on the wheels that are driven by the engine. For all-wheel drive cars, its best to use four snow tires.

Clean off your car - completely!

Once snow or ice does arrive, make sure and clear off your entire car before you drive it. You need full visibility in poor conditions. Make sure every glass surface is clear and your side-view mirrors and all lights should be cleared off as well. Note that this isn't being overly cautious, it's the law in many states that your vehicle must be fully clear of snow and ice, especially your vehicle's roof.

What do you suggest for winter supplies?

First, invest in a substantial snowbrush and an ice scraper. It's also a good to have a shovel and a pair of gloves and boots too. If you don't have a good set of jumper cables, pick up a set and keep them in your car.

When it's slippery, do everything slowly

Even if you think you're a great driver under slippery conditions, don't get lulled into a false sense of security. Even if you maintain control of your car, not everyone else will.  Accelerate slowly and gently, turn slowly and gently, and brake slowly and gently. Going slowly and leaving and leaving plenty of distance between you and other cars will help you avoid skids and loss of control.

Dave Smith Motors is ready to help you get ready for the winter!

Need winter tires installed on your vehicle or need to have your fluids checked for winter use? The folks at Dave Smith know exactly what your vehicle needs to ready for the weather in Idaho! Feel free to schedule a service appointment to have your vehicle checked for safe winter driving.

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