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Modern SUVs first got their start in the 1920s. The depot hack was used to
transport people and luggage from the train station and this vehicle laid
the groundwork for the development of the longest running SUV model, the
Chevy Suburban. Over time, many more models have been introduced to the
market, but the Chevy Suburban remains a strong market leader.

Dave Smith not only sells the Chevy Suburban but we also sell the Dodge,
Chevy, GMC, and Buick lines featuring the SUV's listed below in the links.
We have hundreds of new and top quality pre-owned SUV's to choose from in
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SUV's have many benefits, some of the top reasons Dave Smith believes SUV's
are a GREAT choice are listed below:  

1. Extra Seating Capacity

While cars are still the most popular type of vehicle sold, SUV's provide
many accommodations that cars cannot. Seating is one the biggest advantages
of SUVs over other vehicles. Some SUVs can fit up to nine passengers
comfortably, making it similar to a van, but much more sporty. Both the
Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe offer nine passenger seating based on the type
of upgrades the driver chooses. The extra seating capacity is great for
large families and those who do a lot of carpooling. No car or truck offers
this much seating capacity. Although vans will accommodate more passengers,
the look and handling of the SUV is often preferable to drivers.

2. Seating and Hauling Versatility

Another benefit of many SUVs is the functionality of third row seating.
Although many choose SUVs with third row seating to haul more passengers,
the extra space can be used for hauling cargo in many configurations. In
fact, almost all third row seats offer drivers the ability to fold them down
so the space can be utilized for hauling items other than passengers. On
many vehicles, even the second row can be folded down to create more storage
space. This makes the SUV a good option for those wanting the extra space
for storing items without the risks associated with using trucks. On days
with precipitation in the forecast, hauling items in the back of a truck can
cause damage to the items. With an SUV, the covered space is not affected by
the weather at all.

3. Towing Capacity

Many people looking at choosing an SUV over a car or truck decide to
purchase one because they also provide towing capabilities. So, not only do
they provide much more room for cargo and passengers, but they also have the
ability to tow other vehicles. Their larger size and increased engine and
transmission specifications makes it easier to tow boats, trailers, and
other items one would not be able to with a car. While the towing capacity
may not match that of all trucks, an SUV is more likely to provide towing
and passenger transportation options that are not available in trucks.

4. Vehicle Handling

SUVs have considerably more weight than cars which offers drivers increased
handling, especially in more challenging weather and road conditions. In
fact, SUVs that feature an all wheel drive option are a more popular choice
than SUVs that do not have that option because so many buyers are looking
for improved handling over other types of vehicles.

One area of concern with SUVs used to be the risk of rollover; however,
manufacturers responded to these design issues many years ago, and SUVs
experience significantly improved tracking and handling now than ever
before. Another positive aspect to vehicle handling that many drivers
appreciate is the visibility afforded drivers of SUVs over other vehicles
because of their height and open designs. Drivers have more room and
additional height to make observing road and traffic conditions easier,
resulting in improved safety.

5. Vehicle Safety

With the increase in visibility and handling of SUVs also comes increased
safety. Because the vehicle is raised higher above the ground than most
cars, SUVs are able to drive over debris or small objects in the road more
easily and sometimes with even minimal damage. The height allows the
undercarriage to be raised to a level where it is appropriate to use the
vehicles on different roads, including off road conditions with some models.

For added protection, many SUVs feature a front grill for added protection.
This grill can catch debris and other objects before they hit the front of
the vehicle. This provides extra protection for both the engine and
passenger compartment. In front impacts, the grill can take a lot of the
force and dissipate it before it does other damage to the vehicle.

6. Fuel Efficient Options

Before SUVs came out on the automotive market, station wagons provided the
versatility drivers needed in a vehicle. Driver's demands are constantly
changing, and the automotive industry is listening. The development of
crossover vehicles and smaller SUVs provide drivers with the luxury of
having both the extra room of an SUV and the smaller stature of a car. The
Crossover is more efficient in gas usage and costs much less to fill up than
a traditional SUV as well. The vehicles feature some of the same amenities
that an SUV does, but provides easier handling. The bulky feeling of a large
SUV can be hard on some drivers that are used to driving a car. A Crossover
or small SUV is a good step up for these individuals who want to carry more
passengers but do not want an oversized vehicle.

Hybrid SUV's are also a favorite among consumers. The fuel efficient
vehicles provide drivers the luxury of having more space than a car, but
with reduced fuel consumption as compared to regular SUVs. By selecting a
fuel efficient SUV, drivers can worry less about the gas mileage and use the
vehicle as needed.

7. More Horsepower in an SUV

One of the greatest benefits of SUVs over other types of vehicles is the
extra horsepower. For drivers who find themselves off road, the extra torque
can help pull them up a hill and get them out of a ditch. The extra
horsepower works with the tires to get the car where it needs to be. This is
why many consumers who live in rural areas prefer the SUV over other

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